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I have used and recommended this practice extensively over the last 15 years. For myself, Dr Barry Boden reconstructed both my left and right ACL's and reattached my superspinatus to my humerus. All three surgeries were complete successes. Dr Rozmaryn successfully operated on my friend's broken wrist and Dr Levin performed spinal surgery on that friend.

This doctor operated on my arm and it was a disaster. The operation was a failure and he would not admit that the operation was not successful.

He did surgery on my hand and wrist after it had been broken and incorrectly set by another doctor.He gave me back use of my hand and relief from on-going pain.

Helen Shockley

I use a couple Drs here and have recommended your practice to friends and co-workers

I cannot recommend Dr. Rozmaryn highly enough. Though not an expert in medicine myself, it seems quite obvious that Dr. Rozmaryn is not only extremely knowledgable and skilled, but is willing to take the time to answer questions and provide explanations that enable the patient and family to be confident in his decisions and abilities. His caring manner and individual attention for my son was much appreciated. (By the way, in my opinion, any wait is well worth it to get Dr. Rosmaryn's personal attention.) His expertise appears to be state-of-the-art, and I could not have hoped for more.

Robert Miller

Professional, Precise, and Compassionate. Dr. Rozmaryn possesses the rare skills of being an outstanding surgeon, a caring practitioner, and one who is honest and straightforward with a diagnosis and the recommended course of treatment. And probably most importantly, he understands when pain is involved. He does his very best to mitigate pain and provides outstanding support throughout the healing process.

Dr Rozmaryn was a godsend when I broke my wrist in January. I got an appt as soon as the snow cleared, I got an appt for surgery the next day, he explained everything and then more, he answered texts promptly for all my questions after surgery. I never had to have a cast and am now just waiting on the scars to heal. I love that guy. The only negative is the front staff (at both Chevy Chase Surgical and at the office on Key West, well they aren't so great. BUT the staff behind the front desks are fabulous, and especially good at Chevy Chase. Class act. If I break my foot next, I am going to see this wrist surgeon:-)

Beth Wade

Immediate access to appointment/surgery. Excellent communication. Correct diagnosis the first visit. Successful surgery with no complications.

Robin F.

Dr. Rozmaryn has performed surgery on my hands 3 times over the years. Hands are his specialty. He is top notch and I highly recommend him. He explains everything from start to finish and everything he said was spot on. You could not get a better Orthopedic Doctor. Straight to the point, Honest. Knowledgeable, Cares about his patients and I trust him 110%.!! He is also a very kind and caring person! See Dr. Rozmaryn. He is brilliant, you won't be disappointed! He even gives you his cell phone number........

Terry H.

I have had Dr. Rozmaryn operate on five of my fingers over the past few years to eliminate pain caused by bone-on-bone osteo arthritis. He has fused the first joint in three fingers, and replaced the 2nd joint in both little fingers with silicone implants. In all cases I have not needed any pain medications following surgery, and all five surgical sites healed completely, without complications, and with the expected full function following prescribed therapy by Certified Hand Therapists.

Dennis K

My 6 year old daughter lost the tip of her finger in an accident. Dr Rozmaryn let nature take it's course as much as possible in the hope of avoiding surgery. Unfortunately that wasn't possible, and he did have to operate, and did an excellent job of reconstructing her finger. She was very frightened, but he put her at her ease with his manner. He was also great with us (the parents) - explained everything and was very thorough. Sometimes the wait times were long - but if there's an emergency obviously he needs to deal with it. The receptionists could do a better job of informing patients though. But if I had to see a hand surgeon again, I would put up with the waits for the excellent and expert care.

Dr. Rozmaryn has preformed two separate surgeries on my right hand, one for carpel tunnel release and the other for microscopic hematuria, both extremely successful. It has been four years since my surgeries with absolutely no ill after affects. I am currently under his care for a rotator cuff sprain and strain and Dr. Rozmaryn's acute sense of attention to detail has enabled me to completely recover with minimal invasion (steroid injection) and physical therapy. Dr. Rozmaryn is not "cut happy" and will only perform surgery if absolutely necessary. Dr. Rozmaryn's pleasant bedside manner, professionalism, medical knowledge, vast experience combined with his positive attitude that the patient is his highest priority is refreshing in today's culture of physicians. I would recommend Dr. Rozmaryn to anyone who desires a top notch surgeon!

Major Richard Wm. Trott, USMC

I found out about Dr. Rozmayrn through Washingtonian Magazine’s review of the best doctors in the area. I had broken my hand, and I wanted to make sure that it was set by a highly skilled hand surgeon. I decided to go with Dr. Rozmayrn because of his impressive resume, good reviews, and location. I was able to get an initial appointment fairly quickly, given the usual lengthy waits to see hand surgeons. I had hoped to just have my hand set, but after taking a look at the x-rays, Dr. Rozmayrn said the only way to fix it correctly would be surgery. I had gone in, thinking that I would get a second opinion if surgery was recommended, but something about Dr. Rozmayrn, gave me the impression that surgery was the right call. I am by nature skeptical , especially of professionals tasked with the fixing of things. There was something about Dr. Rozmayrn, that gave me the sense that this guy had the situation under control. I don’t know how best to explain it, but after the initial meeting I knew that my finger would be fixed well, and there wouldn’t be any screwup. I don’t know if the doctor takes different approaches with different patients, but with me I wouldn’t say he was “super” nice or that his bedside manner was incredible. But I didn’t really care about that, what I wanted was my finger fixed and fixed well. And for some reason, he gave me the impression that this would be done. There are things here and there that could have been done better, but at the end of day my finger was repaired well, and that is really all that I care about. The final thing that I would add is that one of the benefits of Dr. Rozmayrn, is that he is associated with a physical therapy center (actually its in the same office space) that has two certified hand therapist. At surgery, I had planned to go to a place that was closer to where I lived, but the doctor made the valid argument that if the finger didn’t return to 100%, people would blame the doctor and not the physical therapist. Accordingly, he would prefer that I use physical therapist which he trusts and know will get the job done. I didn’t realize it at the time, but the physical therapy really is the key to getting your finger back on track. Another place might have been able to do the same thing, but I am glad I went where I did.

Eduardo R.

Can not get a better Orthopedic Doctor around here. Straight to the point and honest. A matter of fact Doctor that works with you all the way to the resolution. 2 thumbs up and recommend completely. The Physical Therapy is in the same office.

Edward J

After having been mis-diagnosed, for about 6 months, I decided to get a 2nd opinion. When I walked into his office and sat down, he (he knew it was 2nd opinion) pushed his card across the desk to me and said "here is my cell phone no. and email, call me if you have any quetions." I almost fainted. He spent about 45 minutes with me, pulled out a skeleton to show me what was wrong and what needed to be done, explained why he disagreed with another dr., how he would do the surgery, etc. I hired him on the spot. What a wonderful experience...later I learned about his work during Hurricane Katrina, and realized he was also a wonderful human being


I have known Dr Rozmaryn for 10 yrs. He has diagnosed and treated me exceptionally well. If anyone needed medical help in the Maryland area for their hands I would recommend Dr Rozmaryn without a doubt. There is a confidence in knowing when he sees you, that you will be diagnosed correctly and given the proper and best treatment there is.

Michelle S

I had a terrible arm fracture and Dr. Rozmaryn was able to see me immediately and schedule surgery for the next day. He and his team were totally professional, explained everything they were doing, and made sure I knew what all the follow-up was, including scheduling an appointment three days later for a quick check to make sure all was well. I would recommend this surgeon -- and his team -- to anyone.


He simply got my problem diagnosed, fixed, and followed-up perfectly. I recommend him as "as good as there is". His practice has only one drawback. You have to be prepared to wait in his waiting room as long as necessary to get seen. In exchange for waiting in his "office" you get seen in a few days vice weeks.

Stephen Schwam

Dr. Rozmaryn is, in my opinion, one of the best hand surgeons ever. He has performed several surgeries on my hands including repairing my right wrist from a really bad fall. He is very knowledgeable, organized and pleasant. I have recommended him to many of my friends and family. Trust is very important to me, and I trust Dr. Rozmaryn.

Jennifer Corcoran

I went was referred to Dr. Rozmaryn to get help with recovering from a recreational sports injury to my finger. I am a smooth jazz saxophonist, and the use of my hands are essential to my ability to use my gifts. He and his team helped me recover from my finger injury and provided vital guidance and methodologies to recover via excercises, tools, and priceless advice. Now I am back playing again and preparing for an Apollo Performance in NY. He is an expert in his field and the guidance he gave me will benefit my health and music career forever. All I can say is Go See Him

Bernard Height

He was always right about my conditions. I said this because not necessary all doctors know their job well but Dr. Rozmary does. He is also a very kind and caring person and does everything to make his patients to feel better and recovery faster.

Qin Zhou

I really thought Dr. Rozmaryn was a sweet and knowledeable guy. I have been going to him for years.

Both personable and competent. Really cared about my situation and did everything to fix the problem. Highly recommend him.

Mary Hanlon

Dr Rozmaryn is very efficient with no wasted motions. His bedside manner to me was business like and efficient. We didn't spend a lot of time together in his office or the surgery suite but I still received the information I needed and great results from the 2 surgeries.The incisions heal without a trace of scar - I guess he cuts on the wrinkles in your palm. I also went local instead of general anesthetic which I strongly recommend to avoid the inherent danger, the additional time and hassles associated with the latter. There was some pain from the initial numbing up and a couple of nerve jolts into the procedure - sort of on par with the dentist - ie nothing you can't tolerate. Although the surgery scheduling area needs some improvement (basically just getting through), I strongly recommend Dr Rozmaryn - wouldn't even think of going elsewhere now with any hand ailments.

Richard Kimber

Dr. Rozmaryn is comforting and humorous in the office, making me feel more comfortable with future treatment, and less stressed about my diagnosis. He is also incredibly perceptive - detected an almost-invisible gap on an x-ray that went unnoticed in a hospital. He performed surgery on my elbow to correct a compressed nerve and did a truly spectacular job. I would never see another ortho surgeon.

Diana S.

Dr. Rozmaryn is very personable. Honest and sincere. He tells it the way it is, and explains what is needed in language a patient will understand. He came highly recommended as an excellent surgeon. I used his services to re-attatch a tendon that an emergency room missed when they sewed up my hand. Dr Rozmaryn later performed carpel-tunnel surgery on my other hand. Even while on vacation, he answered emails as promised. A professional, state of the art surgeon with a small town attentive nature.


After a gross misdiagnosis from another medical practice, Dr. Rozmaryn and his team at the Orthopedic Center took magnificent care of my hand. He quickly identified the issues I was having and put together an effective treatment plan. To my relief, my hand is 100% better and I ended up NOT needing surgery (which the other practice said was 'unavoidable'!) I have and will continue highly recommending Dr. Rozmaryn to friends, family and coworkers.

Eric R on

I've had four procedures done with Dr. Rozmaryn (with one being a very complicated surgery). I couldn't think of a better doctor to go to. He spends quality time with you, and is very caring and understanding. He goes out of his way to explain things and even gives you his cell phone number and email address. I would 100% recommend him to others. The office staff is also great, they have convenient locations and it is easy to get an appointment.

Michael G.

Dr. Rozmaryn is very knowledgeable, attentive and thorough. I was referred to him in the emergency room after slicing open my finger in a freak accident. He explained, very clearly, what damage I'd done and what was needed to repair the damage. My surgery went well and I'm on the road to recovery. He was able to fix the nerve that I'd cut in half. One of the things I liked best about him is how he gave me his personal cell phone number to call if I had any questions or problems.

Pam B.

I highly recommend Dr. Rozmaryn to anyone with hand and finger problems, such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Rozmaryn and his staff are very knowledgeable and courteous. Dr. Rozmaryn knows his stuff and is very articulate in explaining the conditions and treatment options and outcomes. He allowed me to be the one to decide what treatment I wanted and when without any pressure whatsoever. The surgery lasted about an hour and half - most of which was my coming out from under anesthesia. It took a couple of months to recover from the type of surgery I had and it was worth it. Dr. Rozmaryn made a great impression on me when I happened to walk into a waiting room where he was discussing a surgery outcome with a woman's husband. I really liked how he interacted with that husband. He not only is a very competent surgeon, he is a very pleasant, sincere, straightforward, and considerate person.

Tina Ridgley

Another orthopedic surgeon recommended Dr. Rozmaryn to me. This fact alone should tell you something. I had a surgery performed by Dr. Rozmaryn which went flawlessly, and had gone back to him for several hand issues (unrelated to the prior surgery, and also for another hand) since then. As others have said, he is very attentive, great sense of humor, and overall is an excellent doctor. The appointments are fast-paced, even seem rushed a bit, but Dr. Rozmaryn is there to fix your problem, not to socialize with you at a bar (though I imagine he's a lot fun to hang around socially), so take an active part in your own medical care: have questions ready ahead of time and prepare - he will always take time to answer and explain. Lastly, this is a busy office, but they have always accommodated me in cases where I needed to see somebody urgently, so one can't really complain about wait times when the appointment is on a "stand-by" basis. Regularly scheduled appointments are usually fine.

Great doc and surgeon. Fixed both of my elbos with minimal pain and fast recovery.Great bedside manner and a sense of humor too.He'll take all the time he needs to with his patients. Make appointments early in the morning or afternoon. He tends to run behind late in the day.

i like my doctor because he knew what he was doing he incouraged me to do things so i can go back to playing sports.

...playing football. Dr. Rozmaryn was able to operate on it the day after he made his diagnosis. The operation went flawlessly, I was in serious pain for only one day after, and three months later I had full use of the finger again. I would recommend Dr. Rozmaryn to anyone having hand or finger issues.

Waited for 2 hrs. There was no explanation or apology. Indifferent staff. Once in room, the dr. said he would be there in a min. I waited 45. No apology or explanation. Diagnosis was extremely quick-one min, and there was no explanation of injury. Doctor appeared absentminded. To top it all off, he was rude for no reason.

A professional bassist's hand surgeon is his best friend. I had a finger joint that was worn out from 50 years of professional playing. My former Hand Ortho didn't believe I even had arthritis - I left and never returned. The next one, insisted that I retire and stop playing - Yeah, right!!!!Finally, I found Leo Rozmaryn, who said he'd help me continue my career. He X-Rayed my hand, showed me the joint was destroyed, and agreed to replace the joint. Although normal recovery time is about 3 months, I had recovered fully in one month! Thank You, Dr Rozmaryn.

My wife needed surgery to resolve pain from arthritis, requiring removal of the arthritis at the first knuckle of the middle finger of her right hand with bone fusion. This surgery was initially unsuccessfully done by another doctor in this practice, Sunjay Berdia. After several months we chose Dr. Leo Rozmaryn to fix the problem. He did a great job. My wife's finger is now fully healed. During the period of surgery and follow-up Dr. Rozmaryn gave us both his personal cell phone number and his email address. On one occasion we needed an answer to a question so we emailed him (while he was out of the country on vacation) and received an answer several hours later. Dr. Rozmaryn provided excellent care along with top-notch professional skills.

Perfect alignment of bones and I had no pain. Very friendly at the emergency

Caring and upbeat. An excellent surgeon who immediately diagnosed a trigger thumb and corrected it with minimally invasive surgery. I was so grateful and pleased. The care I got was the best I've had in a long time.

A great doctor

I have Osteoarthritis in my finger joints.& a few joints are now bone-on-bone. Dr. Rozmaryn has performed surgery on me twice in the past couple of years. The first was a fusion on the 1st joint of my index finger, in which he modified his normal fusion angle to better accommodate the gripping of a golf club. The second was the removal of spurs and the installation of a silicon implant to replace the 2nd joint in my little finger. In both situations his expertise facilitated instant, accurate diagnosis and completely pain-free post-op recovery (with no need for the prescribed pain meds) and therapy. Both surgeries have resulted in complete resolution of arthritic pain in the affected joints, and I have re-achieved full functionality. He is highly proactive in his friendly patient interaction by explaining fully and answering questions in whatever level of detail is requested, and by providing e-mail address and cell phone contact for any issues. He readily added to his already full & busy surgical schedule to accommodate my needs on extremely short notice -- he cares deeply for the welfare of his patients, and that caring is demonstrated in all aspects of his diagnosis and treatments..Dr. Rozmaryn is an innovative and highly qualified and experienced leader in his medical specialty, and is highly recommended to anyone needing hand or wrist care

Dennis K

Dr. Rozmaryn successfully repaired my Dad's finger after a serious injury on a table saw. He also performed successful carpal tunnel surgery on both hands for my Mom. He is talented, caring and exacting. We have been so very pleased that we found Dr. Rozmaryn!

The Surgery Center of Chevy Chase staff were very pleasant and knowledgeable of their tasks. Kudos to the anesthesiologist and to Dr. Rozmaryn for considering my overall medical history when selecting the appropriate anesthesia for my procedure. Everything went very well and I would highly recommend Dr. Rozmaryn in the future.

Romoval of bone spur and cyst on finger

Dr. Rozmaryn was very prompt and did a great job in the operating room. Also, he was stellar when it came to interacting with patients, and he is very friendly, wise, and caring. He took time out to explain things and really tell me why he enjoyed the work he does. He did a wonderful job re-arranging his schedule for my emergency operation. Thanks again!

Dr. Rozmaryn treated me 18 years ago because of my left hand fingers stiffness caused by my job. Christmas eve back to 14 years ago, a junior driver hit me from back of my body while I was walking in parking lot which made me broken my right hand wrist massively. In emergency room, I was so lucky to have nurse to call Dr. Rozmaryn, he came to emergency room and treated me, not only I avoided a surgery, but also, my recovery was so fast & perfect. Dr. Rosmaryn is the best doctor I ever see.

The best doctor I ever see

Dr. Stinson operated on my husband - minor surgery. However, he misdiagnosed me three times in a major way, and then wanted to perform surgery to peak at my knee when there was nothing wrong. My MRI report was not consistent with the MRI picture. So he wanted to perform unecessary surgery. Bad move. Also my 84 degree degenerative spine - he said looked fine. Well, I managed the pain for 9 years and now after 5 rods, and a 2 day surgery, I'm in no pain, and great shape. Sinson said I had abductor tendinitis - it doesn't get worse than that. The dude is out there on diagnostic medicine. I don't recommend him. Very nice fellow though. Doesn't say much - that's not good either.

Former patient

Dr Rozmaryn operated on me for hypothenar hammer syndrome.He removed a segment of my ulnar artery.He explained what to expect during the healing process and estimated my recovery time.He was exactly on target.One month after surgery I was back at work.Two months out and I am back to normal except for minor scar discomfort,which I am told will dissipate.I am forever grateful for his expertise.His manner is very comforting and he is very patient and generous with sharing information.At all times I felt like I was in capable hands and the results proved me right.

Dr. Rozmaryn evaluated both my hands which suffered from Dupuytren's contracture. My fourth finger, right hand, was extensively diseased and required extensive surgery. The surgery was completely successful - no nerve damage, full extension, and virtually NO PAIN - although prescribed, I needed no pain medication following surgery. Post-operative therapy was excellent. In the scale of life, I would rate this experience as a minor inconvenience. My left hand, third finger, exhibited minor contracture. This was treated with one injection of Xiaflex, a concoction of hydrochloric acid and other "stuff." While the recovery period was shorter than that of surgery, this stuff hurt! My lymph noted swelled up considerably, and my left arm was in some discomfort for several days. In any case, Dr. Rozmaryn is good! If you suffer from Dypuytren's contracture, this is the person to see.

Dupuytren's contracture

replaced joint on left hand fore finger,excellent result, good as new, easy surgery

Truly a wonderful doctor! Second time I have needed Dr. Rozmaryn and he continues to stun me with his attention to my needs. Montgomery county is lucky to have him!

It wasn't until my second or third appointment with Dr. Rozmaryn that I felt like I developed a rapport with him, and after that it was smooth sailing all the way.His diagnosis and treatment appeared to be spot-on (I'm not a doctor, so I'll have to take his word for it!) but the surgical procedure he performed (ulnar shortening) seems to have eliminated the pain in my wrist that led me to see him in the first place.I never got used to the long waits in the waiting room, but the doctor was *very* responsive including giving out his e-mail address and responding to questions and concerns at all hours of the day or not. That is something that I LOVE and I haven't experienced it with any other doctor I have ever worked with.He seems very busy; I had my last appointment with him today (knock-wood) at 8:45 in the morning and I think that I was his third or fourth patient of the day. Despite that, I never felt like I was being rushed and he always took the time to explain things - in English - and answer my questions.I would most definitely recommend Dr. fact I have already given his name to coworkers in need of orthopedic help.

Dr. Rozmaryn is a very good doctor who listens, does not rush, and sincerely cares about his patients. I have visited three times and, aside from feeling much better from his proper diagnosis and prescribed therapy, I am mentally aware of the road ahead because of this doctors professionalism.

Great doctor works with you on your problems. After having surgery on my left hand I could not wait to get the right done.

Diagnosed my husband's problem very quickly (and was right). Started treatment immediately. Was very knowledgeable about the condition and explained the diagnosis and treatment very clearly. Had to wait a couple of times, but assume this was because he takes his time with patients. Overall, a wonderful experience with Dr. Rozmaryn.

Awesome Diagnostician

Dr. Rozmaryn just completed both my hands.. If you dont choose him for yourUpcoming surgery you have no one to blame but yourself. I've been cut on by some of the best and he is definitely the front runner. KUDOS

J Bargmann

My overall expeerience with Dr. Rozmaryn has been nothing short of excellent. He has now performed two surgeries one on my hand and the other on my elbow with outstanding results. He has always been courtious, professional, caring, and goes to great lengths to explain all problems and procedures. There are no reservations on my part and would return to Dr. Rozmary for any further surgical needs. I would give my highest recommendation to anyone that is requiring his services.

Steven Galeski

Visited this doctor following a fall. Very concerned with wound and patient's other health issues. Followed patient for over 3 months until wound healed.

I had a need for an outpatient procedure. I had a pyogenic granuloma which we later learned was infected and needed a heavy dose of antibiotics. I did spend about an hour waiting for Dr. Rozmaryn but it was well worth it. You see the Dr. does not just spend 3 min with each of his patients. He took the time and explained both in medical terms and in plain English what he felt was going on and what was to be done about it. Old school customer service. On the day of the surgery, everyone from the receptionist to the folks post op was professional, kind and considerate of me and my family as they waited. No one wants to be sick, but if you are considering Dr Rozmaryn to help what ails you, you will be hard pressed to find a better doctor. He is well worth the wait..

After experiencing a traumatic finger amputation, I was fortunate enough to have Dr. Rozmaryn on call to the emergency room. He was very informative and very caring during this trauma. I received care for 6 months following this injury and found him to be an expert in handling my medical treatment.

Broke my thumb last year and did not realize it. Dr.Rozmaryn identified the problem immediately and scheduled me for surgery within a few days. Excellent surgeon. No problems at all. Always made sure you were completely healthy before discharging you. His staff that work directly for him are both friendly and professional. God forbid if I get injured again but if it is related to the hand I will no doubt be under the care of Dr.Rozmaryn.

Dr. Rozmaryn has performed trigger release surgery on 3 different fingers over the past 8 years. Each time has been a very good experience. Very professional, very thorough, very competent.


I have been a patient of Dr. Rozmaryn for the last 20 years. During that time he corrected two issues with growths on my hands. In all cases, the issue was clearly and completely explained, all options of treatment were explained, risks identified with experience from past surgery, and all aspects of the treatment were excellent. I would not hestitate to recommend Dr. Rozmaryn to others or use him in the future with any hand problems.

Dr. Rozmaryn is an excellent doctor. He is thorough in his evaluation and accurate in his diagnosis. He takes time to discuss all aspects of the problem and remedy and, thanks to his many years of experience, often has several possible solutions, including some that are not as often used today, but may be less invasive. My 3 year old son badly broke his arm and Dr. Rozmaryn was able to fix it perfectly without having to do surgery. I was extremely grateful. He has also treated my other two sons over the course of several years for "boy related" orthopedic injuries. I would highly recommend him.

I have been a patient of Dr. Rozmaryn's for a few years now and he has successfully operated on both my hands and each time I go for a follow up to see him, I can actually see his response to my feeling "so much better." He is extremely caring, knows what he's doing, imparts the information to me, and thankfully I am pain free on both hands. At one point, Dr. Rozmaryn had to repair the damage caused by my former surgeon, and I can honestly say that if not for Dr. Rozmaryn, I would probably be in pain and unable to use my hands in order to work again since word processing is my career. He took ownership of his work, and did anything and everything possible to help ease the pain caused by so many different problems in my hands and thumb. No one could ask for a better surgeon than Dr. Rozmaryn, and today was my final visit with him, showing him the fruits of his labor on my hand and to thank him again for all his help in getting me back to living a life without pain. I so recommend him, with reservation.

I recently broke a finger on my left hand. As a result, I needed to see a hand specialist. Through recommendations from friends and family, I saw Dr. Rozmaryn.I am very impressed with Dr. Rozmaryn's personal care, medical knowledge, and overall treatment. He cared about my medical problem, and he spent sufficient time with me explaining my condition, the types of treatment I would likely face, and answered all of the questions I had. He is an exceptional doctor, and I highly recommend you schedule an appointment with him if you are in need of his expertise.

I have never had a problem getting an appt. at his Rockville office, and the office staff and his personal asst. are delightful. I have never had a feeling of doom and gloom while there. The Surgical staff in Bethesda were fun and so efficient I really had little idea that I had was going to be or later had an operation. Dr. Rozmaryn was recommended to me by a friend and I took her on her word, and she is fussy. So I actually got more than I expected. I would recommend his services to anyone.

Dr. Rozmaryn is wonderful. The amount of time he has spent with us during each office visit and pre/post surgery was very much appreciated. He makes himself available for questions all the time. We are most appreciative for everything he has done for our son. He is a great doctor.

Over the summer I tore a ligament in my thumb and was told I would need surgery. I went to Dr. Rozmaryn for a 2nd opinion and with the right amount of TLC and expertise, he was able to rehabilitate my hand and I did not have to go through the added stress and long recovery of surgery. He is one of the few doctors left (in my experience) who looks at the patient as a person and not and ID number.

I would highly recommend this doctor. He is knowledgeable, caring, highly professional. He is always available if needed and is current with up-to-date procedures and treatments. I usually do not care for doctors but would highly recommend anyone who has hand injuries to see this doctor.

Dr. Rozymaryn is kind and caring and spends as much time as you need. He is an excellent clinician with good diagnostic skills and also has a wonderful bedside manner. You may have to wait a few more minutes for him, but that is because he does not rush out of the room to get to the next patient and when he is with you, you are the only patient in the office. I highly recommend him for any orthopedic need.

Dr. Rozmaryn is an excellent doctor. He is an expert and professional physician. He is up-to-date with procedures and treaments. He treated my daughter many years ago for a fractured elbow and he was the surgeon for my fractured hand about ten years ago. He is a very kind and outstanding doctor. We keep coming to him for any issues related to the hands. Our family members trust to be under his care.

Dr. Rozmaryn's expertize is excellent and his bed-side manner and personality are superior (and I've been to MANY doctors). I highly recommend him!

Dr. Rozmaryn cared for my broken arm when I was 3...20 yrs later he was the only person I considered when I found 2 lumps on my left wrist. I had ganglion cysts and degenerative tissue removed. He is very direct and tells you exactly what you can expect. It was my first surgery so I was extremely nervous but he made me feel comfortable and confident that everything would be fine. I would definitely go back to him and recommend him to anyone.

I have known Dr Rozmaryn for 5 years. He is a phenomenal doctor. Whenever I or any one in my family has a problem with their hand, Dr Rozmaryn is the only doctor I would go to for accurate diagnosis and proper care.

This Doctor helped my 78 mother to gain confidence and improve he wrest movements after a visit. He is very detail oriented and spend enough time to educate his patient. Not like many others, only recommand surgery if really needed. Office staff are friendly and I will have consider to see him if I need an Orthopedic Surgeon.

Dr. Rozmaryn is a consummate professional with tremendous knowledge and he really cares about his patients. He spent time with me and went over all the details of my surgery and I highly recommend him.

After enduring a bad surgery I was desperate to get a second opinion. Dr. Rozmaryn heard my problems over the phone and knew exactly what was wrong. He not only made time for me, but decided he needed more time to explain what was going on with my arm. He stayed with me 30 minutes after the office closed and couldn't have been more knowledgeable or caring. He is very confident and has a very dry wit. I can only think people do not "get" him because he is very sincere and kind. I traveled 40 minutes to his office and would drive twice that to see him.

Ann K

Dr. Rozmaryn treated my carpal tunnel syndrome in both arms and I have made a complete recovery. He has helped me use my arms again! I was very impressed with Dr. Rozmaryn throughout the treatment process and would recommend him to any of my friends.

Dr. Rozmaryn is an AMAZING doctor. I trust him with my life. He has performed 3 hand surgeries on me and cared for another surgery post-op though he wasn't the operating doctor. I have known him for 22 years. All surgeries have gone extremely well. When I had some post-op pain, he dealt with that with care and efficiency. I recommend him to everyone and anyone!

Ten years ago I had hand surgery done by this Dr. and he repaired a botched surgery by a surgeon located in Western Maryland. This surgery went off without a problem and I have perfect use of my hand since Dr. Rozmaryn repaired the damage done by the previous Dr. One year ago I fell and broke my right elbow. I immediately asked for Dr. Rozmaryn to be the surgeon to help me. This was a serious injury and he immediately did the surgery and today my right elbow has 85- 90% mobility because of his great skills. He was always considerate, had great bedside manner, always the patient first. I did wait for long periods in the his office to do follow up appts. however, I would rather wait for a great surgeon because he is caring for another patient than to have a surgeon who can see me because no one wants his services. I wouldn't recommend any other surgeon for hand, or arm surgery. Dr. Rozmaryn is the best...

Joy korpela

After having seen countless doctors, I had almost given up on ever having full use of my hand. Dr. Rozmaryn figured out my problem in one visit. Amazing.